Web vs Device Apps

With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, an entire eco-structure has evolved supporting App downloads to devices i.e. Apple and Android phones.

Most of the mainstream suppliers have their own App marketplace, examples include AppStore for Apple and Google Play for Android.

In contrast to Device Apps, Web Apps are embedded in device browsers or to put it simply, your website.

Web Apps have become a practical option with the advent of Responsive Web Design. With one website for all devices, it is possible to develop business Web Apps which can provide custom experiences for all your visitors.

Responsive Web Design

It's worth taking some time to consider the two approaches for your business.

Web Apps - Pros & Cons


  • Embedded in your website
  • One or more Apps for all devices
  • Lower development and distibution costs
  • Available to all visitors
  • Search Engine SEO friendly
  • Aligned with Best Practices
  • Can coexist with other mobile strategies 


  • No device-specific capabilities
  • Can be challenging to set-up and maintain
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Device Apps - Pros & Cons


  • Specialised and optimised task focused experience
  • Device specific capabilities, i.e. Geo-location


  • Difficult to create
  • Must be created for multiple platforms
  • Must pre-package for multiple Device App stores
  • Exists outside of the website
  • Higher development and distribution costs
  • Must be explicitly downloaded and installed
Device App Stores


With the arrival of new web technologies, Web Apps embedded into websites have become a more attractive proposition.

Responsive Web Design for mobile devices plays a major part in this.

This does not mean that Device Specific Apps can no longer provide a solution. However Web Apps should now be considered, before embarking upon device projects which may not reach all your intended audience or entail major costs in development and deployment.

Having Apps embedded in the browser and your website can offer many benefits compared to an application which the user has to find, download and install.

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