Case Study - Splashbacks

Sprayed Splashbacks UK produce glass panels which are sprayed with a wide range of colours. The glass has a range of applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, leisure rooms, bars, restaurants and offices.

The project brief was to provide a website which would allow visitors to specify glass dimensions, pick from a wide range of colours, and receive an instant quotation.

Fairly complex rules would calculate the quotation, including geo-location to arrive at a template and fit cost based upon the visitor’s postcode. Quotations would be stored in a database for management follow-up and order processing.

A management back-end was required to carry out a range of tasks, including order adjustment, processing and summary sales reports.

Splashbacks Colour Picker

The Colour Picker

Hundreds of unique colours were embedded into a database. The colour picker is populated from this database and presented to the visitor.

Options allow visitors to search, specify a custom colour or choose transparent glass. The control can be dropped onto any web page and configured with options for Panels, Worktops and Colour Samples.

Colour Picker

Glass Dimensions & Options

The visitor enters dimensions and chooses from options such as cut-outs, images and sparkle. The quotation is then calculated based on these inputs.

Prior to quotation an outer postcode (eg. SW10) is requested and used to calculate template & fitting costs which uses geo-location to establish service distances.

Glass Dimensions

Basket & Check Out

The custom built basket allows visitors to specify service options such as DIY, Template and Fitting. Instant re-calculations are performed on these basket inputs to arrive at the complete quotation cost.

The Checkout stage allows payment to be made instantly via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

Glass Basket

Automated Emails

App generated emails are a key feature of this web application.

If a visitor chooses not to go ahead and place an order, an email is automatically sent within sixty minutes, confirming all the quotation details, glass colour, etc.

Upon payment an order email confirmation is sent, including detail information about the glass and a delivery estimate.

Automated Emails

Management Back-End

The management website allows internal staff to administer all orders and enquiries which originate from the public site.

Enquiries and orders can be viewed in real-time, filters can be used to drill down to transactions such as a date range or order type.

Orders can be adjusted, payments taken and a range of template emails broadcast to both customers and suppliers.

Glass Management

Management Reporting

A range of reports can be used to assess summary sales figures, P&L estimates and transaction details.

Transaction reports for the company accountants are used to finalise accounting periods and produce costs as well as sales figures.

Glass Management Reporting