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Sitefinity UK Seminar or Not

by Jonathan Walker | Apr 15, 2015

A Day Trip To London  

Well, it was the day in which we went down to London for are Sitefintiy business conference. It was going to be a good day and to get some ideas about are new and improved website. Instead it turned out not to be are day as we spent most of the day on one of London's Hospitals. This did however turn out to be an eventful day and the conference for me was over but not for the web analysis and data specialist as they went to the conference and got many different hints and freebies.

The conference had in some aspects was a successes as the boring bit was missed and the interesting part was watched. From that day on words the website has come on many leaps and bounds and you will see that are new website can be looked on and used on all devices. The conference was about learning marketing skills and learning how the new and improved CMS (Content Management System) would work. As you will be able to see the latest version.